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It's been a while

And I'm so sorry haha. I think I need to start blogging more often just to relieve stress and nostalgia.

I am currently sitting at the dog park, waiting for Cato to run out all of his energy so he'll stop whining at me while I try to do my homework.
School has been pretty good so far. DEFINITELY not as stressful as last fall semester. I actually feel like I underestimated myself and should probably be taking a class or two more..... But whatever, I deserve this glorious no-class-til-11 on MW and 1 on Friday. It's been great. I wake up early, take Cato for a walk or to the dog park, get shit done, go to class, and then I'm done pretty early.
The opera is this weekend (tonight is opening night, actually). I don't know of I ever mentioned this falls opera... We're performing a bunch of english-composer scenes for one act, and then Ralph Vaughan Williams Riders to the Sea. Of course, Kim and Caroline have roles in Riders to the Sea. I sort of have a role, I guess, if you can call me and Michelle singing the same exact part a role.. Haha. We are the 2 nieces in a scene from Peter Grimes, "From the Gutter". Randi an Hillary are also in the quartet. Hillary... I just can't fathom how fucking stupid she is, and how she thinks she'll ever have some sort of performing career... The amount of dumb things she's done this week, just in production week... Holy shit hahah.
But the scene works out pretty well. I'm also in the women's choir for the RVW, I was added into a choir for Hugh the Drover (might I add that Mr. Kramar never gave me music, and I had it memorized in two rehearsals, meanwhile he had to have the Britten scene people ADDED.... -_-). They're also doing a couple of scenes from The Spanish Lady by Elgar.
But as usual, I can't wait for it to be over.

Next weekend I get to go home for fall break, for Julianne and Luke's wedding, and then spend a few days with Max in Plattsburgh :). kim is gonna watch Cato for me.

Speaking of kim, church is going really well! I don't dread rides with her like I thought I was going to. It's actually a lot of fun l. Zamir also works with us now, and we're working on getting this freshman named Graham to come and work with us. :).

Anyway, I have to go walk Cato back now, but HOPEFULLY you'll see more from me in the near future.

<3 always Julia

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Have you ever gone looking for your sunglasses only to get sidetracked by something else. When you finish dealing with the "something else," you forget you were looking for your sunglasses - until, that is, you go out into the bright day and realize something is missing. That may be the kind of day you have today, Taurus. You will have great intentions, but you will get sidetracked a lot. However, there is something really important going on right now, so pay careful attention to your most essential obligations.

I go to check my horoscope (which is the same app on my iphone as it was on my blackberry! ^^) in hopes of lifting my spirits before i go to bed, and this is what i find. Greeeeat. This is like the story of my semester. Not what I need tomorrowww

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How to get help in Joyner:

·         On library homepage- Services – Ask A Librarian: ways to contact the reference desk

·         About – how do I? – general FAQs (*help with writing annotated bibliographies)

Select and locate books:

·         Remember: think about the catalogue (allows you to search other library’s collections)

·         Homepage – search bar

·         “Bouillon logic” – take search down to its barest terms and use words to connect them. (And- either source will show up, Or- both words will show up-more broad)

Example: “How do Christians feel about the death penalty?” turns into “Christianity and Death Penalty”.

·         Once you have searched, most relevant sources show up. When you choose a source, pay attention to Title, Call Number and Location. To physically locate, look at call number, go to home page – About – Floor Maps.

Scholarly and Popular:

·         Ex: Rolling Stone Magazine – popular. Appeals to a mass audience. Editors probably don’t have PhDs.

·         Ex: Irish Historical Studies – scholarly. No big glossy pictures on front. Advisory board in front pages.


·         Database: large collection of information that you can search things on. Ex: cell-phone contact list. Google. ITunes library list.

·         Homepage – Databases

·         Homepage – Databases – subjects – Arts & Humanities – philosophy and religion – ATLA (religious database)

·         Pirate ID and password to log into databases when off-campus

·         In ATLA, when you click on a source, go to the right and click “cite”- it will give you a citation. You can also open the page in PDF format, which is like an electronic copy and not a webpage.

·         Homepage – Databases – Academic Search Complete: more broad search engine

·         2 other databases: Homepage – Databases – CQ Researcher, Issues and Controversies. Helpful for controversial topics.

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Du holde Kunst, in wieviel grauen Stunden,
Wo mich des Lebens wilder Kreis umstrickt,
Hast du mein Herz zu warmer Lieb' entzunden,
Hast mich in eine bessre Welt entrückt!

Oft hat ein Seufzer, deiner Harf' entflossen,
Ein süßel, heiliger Akkord von dir
Den Himmel beßrer Zeiten mir erschlossen,
Du holde Kunst, ich danke dir dafür!


Oh lovely Art, in how many grey hours,
When life's fierce orbit ensnared me,
Have you kindled my heart to warm love,
Carried me away into a better world!

How often has a sigh escaping from your harp,
A sweet, sacred chord of yours
Opened up for me the heaven of better times,
Oh lovely Art, for that I thank you!
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